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Mothers day gift guide

Mothers day gift guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

explore our mothers day gift guide featuring local South African brands


Mervyn Gers is a ceramics brand based in Cape Town that specialises in bespoke hand-made pieces. They create dinnerware, interior design pieces, tiles and they also customise. “Mervyn’s vision was to create a leading ceramic brand known for its innovation, strength and durability. In ten years, Mervyn Gers Ceramics has become synonymous with high-end handmade, artisanal tableware.”

View their full range here: 


Naturals Beauty was created by Tanya du Bois after noticing a problem in the skincare industry whereby products were containing many harmful ingredients. Today the family-run lab operates in Cape Town and their goal has always been to produce an ethical, effective & affordable natural skincare range. Their products range from mature skincare products to baby products and so much more.

Shop their unique range of products:


Project Dyad is a brand that specialises in leather accessories based in Cape Town. “Fusing meticulous attention to detail with functional design and innovative construction techniques, Project Dyad merges beautiful contrasts and complementary opposites to form a dynamic, yet harmonious balance through the union of different parts.” Project Dyad produce bespoke pieces from leather bags to leather coasters.

View their unique range of leather goods: 


Herb & Haus was founded by husband and wife team Dylan and Sarah after finding a need to make organising your home a pleasure. The company creates contemporary bespoke labels for organising your home. These labels are water and oil resistant, easy to wipe clean and retain their quality when containers are hand washed. One of the incredible benefits of their brand is that you can completely customise your labels to suit your needs. 

Shop their range of labels at:

If you know of any local South African brands that you think we should  feature in our next post then drop them in the comments below!

With love,

Stef x

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