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Mandela day

Mandela day

Dedicating 67 minutes for Mandela day

The 18th of July marks Nelson Mandela day. Here are a few suggestions of what we can do to reflect Nelsons Mandela’s legacy and give thanks for his devotion to humanity. 

Donate to a charity in need

Donate to FEEDSA which is an NGO that sets up feeding schemes and community development projects in vulnerable communities around South Africa. “Our beneficiaries include creches, after school programs, early childhood development centres, homes for the mentally and physically challenged, hospice, as well as support for bedridden and elderly citizens.” – FEEDSA

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Here are a few animal shelters you can volunteer at. You can even adopt a pet and give an animal its forever home!

Pretoria: Woodstock animal shelter 

Johannesburg : Paws of Cape Town

Cape Town: Sandton SPCA

Durban: Durban and Coast SPCA

Sandwich drive

Something easy and efficient to do is to host a sandwich drive. Post on your social media or send out a broadcast message stating that you will be collecting sandwiches for those in need. You can drive around and hand these sandwiches to those in need or drop them off at a homeless shelter. 

Make stationary kits

Make stationary kits for teachers at an under-resourced school. This pack can include pens, erasers, pencils, scissors, lined paper, board markers etc.

Donate your preloved clothes

We all have a few items in our closet that we no longer wear anymore. This a wonderful initiative to take on especially if you have warm clothes to giveaway during this winter. 

Donate blood

It just takes 30 minutes to save someones life by donating blood. Visit the SANBS website to find out where the closest location is to donate blood. 

Donate books to your local library

If you have a few books at home that you have already read and are willing to giveaway, many libraries are in need of books. Here are a few libraries to donate to in Johannesburg – Sandringham Library, Norwood library, Sandton Library, Edenvale library. 

These small acts of kindness can be done throughout the year, not just on Nelson Mandela day. I would love to know what you will be doing this Mandela day. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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