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c for Conscious


Above all, we constantly strive to find new and innovative ways of being mindful of our carbon footprint, aim to support local community seamstresses who have been hardest hit in the garment industry and build confidence in all who find a place for our label in their wardrobes.

Take a look around. Discover our unique range of fresh and simple swimwear, underwear and slip dresses, locally manufactured with one-of-a-kind striking prints, We are a company built on values. We believe that what we take from the earth should be returned to it. That the energy, detail and resources we invest in our collections, should similarly be invested in the communities we serve and that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin, size and shape.

O For Origin - Cosmos


Hi. I’m Stefani Mouskides. Together with my mom, Ria, and a team of entrepreneurial women, we are living our dream in designing apparel that redefines woman’s confidence. Having studied interior design, I soon realised that we need to feel beautiful and confident on the inside before we can make a difference to the outside. I looked within, drew on my own experiences and decided to create a brand that embodied the perfect blend of quality, style, sass and sophistication I needed to go out there and make an impact on the world. Thank you for meeting me and the team at Cosmos. We promise, this is just the beginning.

Cosmos and co Size Guide
s for shop - cosmos


One size definitely does not fit all. And you should never be embarrassed about your shape or size. So, we have developed an effective size guide to ensure you buy the garment that’s right for you.

M for Manufacturing - Cosmos


Our brand values are sewn into everything we do. Which is why we support the most exceptional and inspiring qualified seamstresses we can find, those, who have been hard hit by the lockdown of 2020.

O For Origin - Cosmos


When you receive your online Cosmos Collector’s item, it comes packaged in a compostable mealie mailer, which can be planted into the ground, to return goodness to the earth.


Each item comes packaged with a reusable multi-purpose washbag.

s for shop - cosmos


2020 has been a year of chaos, confusion, panic and pandemonium. No one has been left unscathed by the lockdown, the virus and the subsequent effects it has had on our relationships, our finances, our psychology.


As I worked through the prints on the fabric, it graphically evolved from the disarray and turmoil to the orderly and serene. A graphic representation of the journey from being masked to liberty.


We hope you enjoyed the freedom of our range this summer, and beyond.